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~~~WHO WE ARE~~~

Kendra Johnson is an undergraduate in Environmental Engineering at MIT. Kendra loves art, nature, people and medicine. She hopes to one day become a doctor and work in a community clinic where she can take on the whole picture of health – from potable water to social health to medical care.

Froylan Sifuentes is an undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at MIT. He loves rivers, trees, and food. He is interested in the relationship between nature, human rights, and economic development.  In addition to his work in Santa Ana, Froylan started a community reforestation project near his hometown in Central Mexico.

Tera Johnson is Kendra’s mother and a serial entrepreneur. Tera loves food, art, and sustainable agriculture. She is excited about the potential of Sacha Yaku to help indigenous people preserve their culture while improving the health and well-being of their community.

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