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The women’s association in Santa Ana “Sinchi Warmi” meaning “strong woman” has been wanting to sell set up a communal system to make and sell traditional jewelry and ceramics for a long time now.

Twice a year, Sacha Yaku purchases ceramics and jewelry from the women individually. They each contribute a portion of the income to the community water board and to Sinchi Warm.

Women are paid a fair price for their work, at least double the price they obtain in Puyo, which is so low that few women consider it worth the time and investment.

The jewelry and ceramics are brought back to the United States and the unique pieces placed in Art Galleries, where people will be able to buy one-of-a-kind pieces of art that will really make a difference in the artisan’s life. Other pieces of jewelry will likely be made available for purchase over the internet in the future.

The proceeds after travel and operating costs are used to maintain a fund to support the water system in Santa Ana, such as paying for a new pump when the old one burnt out in August 2008, and supporting Santa Ana’s work to bring clean water to neighboring communities.

More information about the artisans and their lives can be found on The Artisans page

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