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Health Care

One of the biggest challenges for the people in Santa Ana is keeping their families healthy without good access to health care. Due to the water and sanitation conditions with their partially functioning water system, incidence of water borne diseases and intestinal parasites are high. There is a health center about 45 minutes away from the community and a hospital in puyo (1.5 hours away). Care is provided free of charge to pregnant women and children under 5 years old, but everyone else has to pay fees for consultations, operations, and medicine. At any given time, many of the families in Santa Ana are working to scrape together the $30 or $100 they need to cover their medical care.


School fees are another ongoing cost for families in Santa Ana, and one that families have a hard time paying. The primary school in Santa Ana teaches grades 1-6. Although it is funded by the local government, the parents still each pay a small fee to help with the material needs of the school. The middle/high school in Madre Tierra has larger fees, and students must pay to ride the bus to and from school each day.

In an effort to give the family incomes a boost and to ease the burden of paying for education and good medical care, the Art for Water program pays a fair price to the women artisans individually, as well as funding the water system.

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